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Manchester Community Spirit

Changing young lives one at a time


Nearly 1 million young people are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) in the UK. As well as costing the UK economy an estimated £34 billion a year. Unemployment negatively impacts a young person in the long-term, affecting their mental health and well being, self-esteem and future earnings.

Manchester Community Spirit has been delivering specialist Arts projects to disadvantaged young people over the past 5 years in Levenshulme.  We offer a range of holistic services to some of the hardest to reach young people, who often feel marginalized and do not have a safe space to go to outside of their homes and school. Young people then feel isolated, lonely, have low aspirations and this can often lead to low self esteem, anti social behaviour, poor mental health and can affect their future education and work in later years. Having consulted with our young people and looking at the needs within the local area of Levenshulme and what young people would like to see in their local community we offer a range of services  to assist young people to flourish, develop new skills, build positive relationships, raise aspirations, give young people a voice and to allow them to access vital services. our programme of activities can be found in the “What we do section”. If you would like your child/young person to become involved in any of our activities or projects then please contact us today.

The charity is based on Christian beliefs along side the concept the Government's strategy 'every child matters'. However it is open to young people of all or no faith/religion and our aim is to encourage understanding between all living faiths. 

Ni-Cola founded the organisation in 2009 after working with young people for over 10 years in the areas of youth work, childcare, mentorship and music. The charity was started because Ni-Cola’s heart has always been driven towards marginalised and often misunderstood young people with the need of a more long term approach.

Ni-Cola Ministries is a Christian not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to share the Gospel message with all people through the arts and from this basis Manchester Community Spirit was formed by 3 trustees in November 2012 with the help of Westhill Endowment

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