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Manchester Community Spirit

Changing young lives one at a time

B R I G H T E R    F U T U R E S 

Brighter Futures

In partnership with the local schools MCS aims to identify young people in year 6/7 likely to drop out of education, and engages them in a 2 year programme of individual support and group work outside of school raising their aspirations and enabling them to flourish throughout their academic journey. 
Targeted work for young people making the transition from Primary School to High School between aged 10 and 12 to improve expectations achievement and prevent withdrawal from positive relationships. 
Young people identified through the local primary school who are making the transition to High School will be offered a package of support over two years, in which they will be able to take part in a programme of learning called ‘Building my Future.’


  • Raising aspirations of young people at risk of exclusion or not going onto secondary school.
  • Allowing young people to access a safe place outside of school activities
  • Helping young people to transition from primary to secondary school
  • Improving confidence in young people
  • Helping young people to build positive sustained relationships
  • Life Skills

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