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Manchester Community Spirit

Changing young lives one at a time

T H E   H U N G E R   G A M E S 

An 8 week creative cooking project for young people to learn the following whilst having fun in a classroom style kitchen  

·  For young people to learn basic health and hygiene skill

·  Food preparation and cooking healthy meals, including vegetarian and gluten free options

·  Meal planning in preparation for adulthood

·  Young people to use their creativity to present their food creations

·  To foster healthy food choices in young 

·  To practice working as part of a team to be able to accomplish their tasks

· For the young people to take part in a cooking competition working with others as part of a team

What young people said about the project

1.   I learnt how to work with others with confidence.

2.   I am good at fast cooking.

3.   I learnt about different types of food.

4.   I learnt how to work under pressure with others.

5.   I learnt how to work independently.

6.   I learnt to be confident in the kitchen.

7.   I learnt how important presentation is.

8.   I learnt about different foods.

9.   Different ways to get fit and make healthy food.

10. I learnt to get along with new people.

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